Having a clear overview of child profiles is so important. Without that you are exposed to the potential of inconsistently trained staff, unsatisfied or uninformed parents and poor inspection results.

Learning Journals gives you the tools you need to be able to quickly see and assess the quality of the observations your team are creating. You can also be alerted to any issues arising from children missing out on observations as well as using the powerful tracking features in the system to monitor coverage of the curriculum and any children who may be working at a different level.



Learning Journals gives you a clear overview of so many aspects of child profiles. You can instantly see any children who may have been overlooked (in fact you are notified of this every week).

You can focus in on a particular staff member to monitor observation quality and you are able to identify how parents are engaging with their children's profiles.


With all this information only a couple of taps away owners and managers are able to quickly and easily show evidence of progression, development, coverage, engagement

Cost Saving

Think about how many photos you print out. Now think about all that ink. Think about how much that costs! Add to this things like ring binders, paper, poly pockets, glue.... all the rest.

In our own nursery we worked out we save around £1200 per year in consumables - and that is before taking into account the time saved by the team who now spend more time with the children than creating paper profiles.

Staff View – Fox Covert Early Years

Carol Thabet, early years officer at Fox Covert Early Years explains how Learning Journals has benefitted the staff and parents at their nursery in Edinburgh.

  • How parents benefit from easy access
  • How staff can note significant learning
  • How everyone is on the same page with support and learning

“It’s really, really made a big difference to families”.

Manager View – Flying Colours Nursery

Arran Black, owner of Flying colours nursery goes into detail about how Learning Journals has worked from day one at his nursery.

  • How parents have embraced the system
  • Surprised how easily parents have taken to interacting with the system
  • We’ve not looked back

“The person I think it benefits the most is the nursery manager quite simply because they can find everything in one place”.

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Built By A Nursery, For Nurseries

We know how difficult it is to provide children with the high standard of education and care that we all desperately want them to have. We opened our nursery in Edinburgh in 2010 and from day one we faced the same challenges and difficulties as thousands of other hard working educators in the UK.

We were short of time, short of money and short of staff. The thing that all nursery and school staff share and have plenty of is the desire to provide a great education and caring environment for their children.

That is exactly the philosophy that we still hold to at Learning Journals and every day is spent trying to work out ways we can make that goal easier to achieve for all our customers.


Over 4 million observations taken and counting.

40,000+ parents more engaged with their child's education.

12,000+ teachers freed up to focus on the children.