Childminders are a massively important part of the early years chain. Not every family wants, or can afford, to send their child to a private nursery. Local authority nurseries don’t always provide the flexibility that a busy family or parent needs. In thousands of cases childminders are the glue that keeps early years services together.

Childminders often work on their own providing a vital service to thousands of families across the country. Time is always precious, resources are always at a premium and for some of the childminders we have spoken to they often feel their sector of childcare and education is often overlooked.

Our Childminder package gives access to all the features that a nursery or primary school has so you can update and communicate to parents all the fantastic activities and learning that takes place while you care for their children – and all at an amazingly special childminder price. We also have 10% discounts available for members of the National Childminding Association and the Scottish Childminders Association.