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Thursday 23rd April – Learning Journals for Primary Schools – Watch at https://youtu.be/gr0LyU-bAT4

Wednesday 22nd April – Learning Journals for Parents – Watch at https://youtu.be/KnJWq1cwgAw

Friday 3rd April – Q&A  – Watch at https://youtu.be/UhgRBAMMzNc

Thursday 2nd April – Admin Tips and Tricks – Watch at: https://youtu.be/nQhMfT3UTl8

Wednesday 1st April – Reports – Watch at https://youtu.be/e1Wa6dCm7i4

Tuesday 31st March – Tracking and Monitoring – Watch at https://youtu.be/6i83ndHhOKE

Monday 30th March – Observations and Stories – Watch at https://youtu.be/i7ZlNOQ0VFA

Friday 27th March – Messages and Parent Contributions – Watch at https://youtu.be/h4kEWjB_Xig