Parent Permission Template

It’s extremely important that you gain from parents and other users before uploading their details to Learning Journals. You may already have your own systems in place but if not the template below can be modified for use by your nursery or school and will suit most needs. Feel free to edit or modify should your setting require specific content.

Dear [NAME],

At [NURSERY OR SCHOOL NAME] we use an online system created by Learning Journals to record and share significant points of learning. This system enables you to access and comment on your child’s ongoing progress in learning.

Parents and carers can access their child’s profile from home online.

If you do not have an internet connection at home, you are welcome to view your child’s profile from within the [NURSERY/SCHOOL].

Security and consent

    • Only you and relevant school staff can access your child’s profile using a unique username as well as a password and PIN that you create. Please do not share this information with others.
    • Any data collected within the profile, including photos, are for personal use only and should not be published out with Learning Journals.
    • All personal data, including photographs, email addresses and information about your child’s progress are stored securely, within the EU.
    • Data will be retained for the time your child attends [NURSERY OR SCHOOL NAME].

If/when your child any reason all data will be archived as part of the leaving procedures by administration staff.  Data will be deleted after [INSERT PERIOD TO YOU WISH TO RETAIN DATA]

If your child moves to a school which also uses Learning Journals their profile will be temporarily archived by Learning Journals and made available once your child starts at the new school.

    • For data protection queries please contact [DATA PROTECTIOIN OFFICER OR OTHER CONTACT NAME].
    • Legal basis for processing is that of Consent.
    • You have the right to rectification.
    • You have the right to complain to ICO.
    • Should you wish not to use Learning Journals or should you require any further information, please contact us directly.

Yours sincerely,


Learning Journals Consent

Please tick each line and sign below to agree to the following statements:

I give permission for photographs of my child to be uploaded to Learning Journals ___

I give permission for my child’s photograph to be included in group images which will be shared on other pupils’ Learning Journals ___

I agree that I will not give anyone access to my child’s learning journal or the images available ___

I agree that I will only use photographs within Learning Journals for my own personal use only ___


Name of Child             _______________________________________________


Parent/Carer Signature __________________________________Date ___________


Please complete the details below to set up your access to your child’s learning journal.

First Name |_______________________________

Last Name |_______________________________

Email |_______________________________

Relationship to Child |_______________________________

First Name |_______________________________

Last Name |_______________________________

Email |_______________________________

Relationship to Child |_______________________________