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Children engaging in the leuven scale

What Is the Leuven Scale and How to Use It

The Leuven scale is a five point scale that allows child care experts, nursery practitioners and teachers to measure a child’s emotional well-being and involvement. The idea of emotional well-being and involvement is particularly important in early years learning and development because it safeguards a child’s emotional development whilst encouraging engagement for the learning development.

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Humpty dumpty building blocks

The Massive Collection of Nursery Rhyme Lyrics

Nursery rhymes are a great way of bonding with young children and engaging them in a fun yet educational activity. It’s also

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Nursery school teacher and child drawing

What Makes a Great Nursery Practitioner

Looking after young children is so rewarding as you see them develop and progress through the early stages of their life.

This is such an exciting and important time as it sets the foundation for their future and creates a strong base for further learning.

Many of the skills children learn are not only through classroom activities but also through social interactions with those around them, including eye contact, discussion, and collaborative working.

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Child learning at home

How Learning Journals Supports Home Learning

Home learning is an important aspect of a child’s development as it enables children to practice, extend, and apply the skills they

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montessori nursery set up

The Importance of Observation in Montessori Nurseries

Montessori education is a method based on self-directed activity, practical learning and collaborative play. In Montessori classrooms, children take the lead and

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child with paint on face

Messy Play for Babies

It’s no surprise that children love messy play, as they can experiment with so many different materials. Whether that’s squeezing jelly, making a flour snowstorm or playing with chocolate mud, they’re exploring their environment and learning new skills to further their development.

Using mostly ingredients and items found around the house, these activities are simple and can be set up in minutes.

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What Our Clients Say

Staff View – Fox Covert Early Years

Carol Thabet, early years officer at Fox Covert Early Years explains how Learning Journals has benefitted the staff and parents at their nursery in Edinburgh.

  • How parents benefit from easy access
  • How staff can note significant learning
  • How everyone is on the same page with support and learning

"It's really, really made a big difference to families".

Manager View – Flying Colours Nursery

Arran Black, owner of Flying colours nursery goes into detail about how Learning Journals has worked from day one at his nursery.

  • How parents have embraced the system
  • Surprised how easily parents have taken to interacting with the system
  • We've not looked back

"The person I think it benefits the most is the nursery manager quite simply because they can find everything in one place".

A Parent’s View

Jo Morris, a parent with a child at nursery tells us about how Learning Journals helps to keep her informed. She love's the ease of use, the simple and easy access and how all the information is exactly what she needs to have.

  • Really easy to use!
  • A very stress free way to share with my partner
  • We have a full library of his time at nursery

"Keeps me completely up to date with what he's doing ".

Manager View – Stockbridge Nursery

Caroline Munro is the head of Stockbridge Nursery. Here she talks about how Learning Journals has made a huge impact to her nursery, children and parents.

  • How they save so much time and no longer need to take work home
  • How observations are now straight to the point with a clear focus
  • How the system is so quick, so instant

"Parent's have really engaged....the children are learning at home more now".

Head Teacher View – Stockbridge Primary School

Kathryn Collier is acting head of a primary school. Having used Learning Journals for a couple of years she gives us some insight into how the system benefits pupils and parents from a teacher's perspective.

  • How parent contributions help her track wider achievements
  • How the system acts as a prompt for conversation in the class
  • How it now helps to effectively communicate with parents

"A really nice way of engaging the school, the child and the parent".

Manager View – Waterfront Nursery

Vicki Shiels is the manager of the Waterfront nursery, a very large childcare provider with hundreds of children in their care every day. With so many children to care for Vicki was very keen to have a system that would help save her time while still allowing her to provide the same high quality service as before.

  • How we save time and money with Learning Journals
  • How children are more involved
  • How even staff uncomfortable with technology find the system easy to use

"It's much cheaper!"