Learning Journals Sample Policy

Please feel free to amend or use the content below as you wish in your nursery or school, it is intended as a guide for you to produce a policy you can use to help with the implementation and use of Learning Journals


○   To use the Learning Journals online personal learning plan system to enhance the teaching and learning of all areas of the curriculum.

○   To maintain children’s privacy whilst the system is in use

○   To control usage and permissions effectively

○   To actively involve parents with the children’s learning

Login details

Under no circumstances should login details be shared. Login details are considered to be:

○   Username

○   Password

○   PIN Number

Staff and management must not use Learning Journals whilst logged in on another account. I.E they must only use Learning Journals while logged into their own account.

Access and permissions

Nursery practitioner access to Learning Journals

The nursery manager or a nominated member of the management team is responsible for allowing staff access to Learning Journals.

Access is granted through the Learning Journals configuration screen. The email address used for a staff account must be managed responsibly.

If staff access their Learning Journals account from outside the nursery they are responsible for maintaining privacy of their account.

Parent access to Learning Journals

The manager or a nominated member of the management team grants parents access to Learning Journals

The manager or a nominated member of management is responsible for ensuring that the correct child profile is attached to each parent account

Child access to Learning Journals

Child access should be supervised in accordance with the Nursery Internet Usage Policy

Staff and management accounts are equipped with “child view” function. This function is to be enabled if children are left to browse profiles on their own. At all other times a member of staff must supervise children’s use of Learning Journals

Uploading photographs

If permission has not been given by a parent for images of their child to be shared then they must not be included in photo evidence for observations of other children.

If another child is present in the photograph who’s parents have not given permission then the photograph must not be uploaded to Learning Journals, or the faces of irrelevant children must be obscured electronically prior to uploading.

Faults with Learning Journals

In the event that Learning Journals develops a fault which compromises the security of the privacy of the child profile the following procedure should be followed:

○   Log out of the Learning Journals account

○   Inform management of the fault

○   Management will then inform Learning Journals by telephone and give a description of the fault

○   Learning Journals will not be used until the fault can be confirmed to have been rectified by a member of Learning Journals staff

○   Parents are to be informed and updated accordingly