Cohort Tracking

From 1st March 2020 we will have an update to how the logic of our cohort tracker works.

Curriculums in Learning Journals generally follow the same construction:

    • A curriculum is made up of Areas
    • An Area is made up of Groups
    • Each Group contains Learning Outcomes

For example, the Curriculum for Excellence – Early Level looks like this:

Curriculum for Excellence – Early Level Curriculum
 Health & Wellbeing Area
 Activity and Health Group
– I know that being active is a healthy way to be.(HWB 0-27a) Learning Outcome
– I can describe how I feel after taking part in energetic activities and I am becoming aware of some of the changes that take place in my body (HWB 0-28a) Learning Outcome

Learning Outcome tracking will be unchanged in the new system –  we will still use the most recent, highest rating as the rating for that outcome. For example, if you have 5 observations against one Learning Outcome with 4 rated red and 1 rated green, we will consider that outcome to be rated green.

For areas and groups we will use a new system of thresholds. These are the levels that you can set to decide when an area or group should change its overall rating.

What Are Thresholds?

Thresholds are levels that you can set to decide when an area or group changes rating.

For example, a group may contain 10 Learning Outcomes. With the old system, you would only need 1 green observation to turn the whole group green. With Thresholds you can now set the levels you want changes to take place at. We’ve set some defaults for you:

The default Thresholds for RED are 5%, AMBER is 35% and GREEN is 70%

    • An Area or Group will be considered RED when at least 5% of its statements are marked as RED
    • An Area or Group will be considered AMBER when at least 35% of its statements are marked as AMBER
    • An Area or Group will be considered GREEN when at least 70% of its statements are marked as GREEN

You will be able to adjust these in a new setting in your Configuration tab.

Why the change?

In short, this is to give you a much more accurate picture of development and coverage. With the previous system, a group would show to be green when it only had one outcome within it green. Using thresholds you can now be more confident that you are seeing a better representation of the entire body of experience in a curriculum for a child.

This won’t affect any of the content from your previous observations but it may change how your cohort tracker looks after the 29th February 2020.

As always, do contact us if you have any questions.