How to Take an Observation

In this example we use a child from Scotland following the Curriculum For Excellence – Early Level to show you how to take and publish an observation, but the process is exactly the same for other frameworks.

How To Take a Story

Stories are a fantastic way to quickly share content with parents when you don’t want to create an observation linked to a framework or curriculum. It might be a settling in story or a birthday party. Maybe it’s your sports day or some other event that everyone is involved in. Here we show you how it’s done and also a tip on how to use stories to get parents to contribute more.

How to Add and Delete Children and Parents

A quick and easy method you can use to deactivate and then delete child profiles, staff and parent accounts.

How to Transfer and Merge Profiles

Sometimes you will need to transfer a profile from one nursery or school account to another. You might also have duplicate profiles that you need to merge together. We show you how to do that here in this easy to follow video.

How To Enter Starting Points or Baselines

Baselines and starting points are important as they can help you demonstrate clear development and progression. In this video we show how you can easily add comprehensive baselines and starting points for each child on any framework you have activated.

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