OP&L - Exclusive to Learning Journals!

Observation Of Play and Learning - Developed by Barnet Early Years Alliance

Let’s put the joy back into observing children! OP&L reduces paperwork and the need for collecting evidence. This give you time to spend interacting and playing with your children, not testing them.

OP&L works on the basis of having very simple, six-monthly child developmental milestones. We know that not all children will have ‘typical’ development. OP&L allows us to tell and celebrate each child’s story and focus on the support they need from us.

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OP&L Spotlight Assessments are completed when a child meets a milestone age. This makes the assessment fair for children as they are being assessed against the age that they are.


Using OP&L with Learning Journals makes it a simple, efficient, paperless system. You are able to keep all observations and assessments of children in one place. The system will plot when a child’s Spotlight is due and help you keep track of their progress.


Parents know their children best and we value their knowledge and contributions to their child’s Spotlight assessment. Working in partnership with parents gives you a holistic view of children and their development

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Unlimited Storage

You don't have to worry about storage before capturing photos and videos of significant learning. Learning Journals don't limit how many observations you can upload - so feel free to go nuts!

Managing Spotlights

Learning Journals will plot when your children’s Spotlights are due. An at a glance guide shows you how many days to each child’s spotlight, whether it is overdue or if it still needs reviewing.

Evidence of Progress

As you create Spotlights with Learning Journals, you are automatically building up a picture of progress and development. Learning Journals will show you an at a glance view of children’s progress, from when they joined to their most recent Spotlight.

Parent Partnership

Parents are able to access and comment on their child’s Spotlight online. Learning Journals has the facility for parents to upload and share photos of their children. A wonderful way to truly work in partnership, sharing knowledge about children.

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