Learning Journals HR

Up until now we've focused on providing the most easy to use yet comprehensive learning journey system for nurseries and schools in the UK.

But, as nursery owners ourselves, we know there is so much more that can be done to make lives easier for owners and managers. Thats why we've developed Learning Journals HR.

This add on to your existing Learning Journals account takes away the huge headache that senior team members and owners face when trying to build, manage and develop a staff team.

With Learning Journals HR you can now ditch your bulky folders, paperwork or cumbersome systems for something bespoke and tailor made for the UK nursery sector - all at our trademark great value with included support and service.

Learning Journals HR
Learning Journals HR

Our friendly and highly visual dashboard allows you to see immediately the team you have available today, what events are upcoming and if there are any reminders that need your attention.


A simple to use document sharing and monitoring system means you can update policies, procedures and notices and easily see if they have been read and accepted by the team.


With the built in sickness and absence tracker you can easily monitor and identify issues before they arise. Trends in sickness are easily spotted, giving you the information you need to help the team achieve consistency in attendance.

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Integrates with Learning Journals

You don't have to worry about storage before capturing photos and videos of significant points of learning, or just sharing a nice moment with parents. We don't limit you on how many observations you can upload and your price won't increase - so feel free to go nuts!

Your 'at a glance' dashboard

EYFS? Curriculum For Excellence? SHANARRI? Something bespoke from your local authority? Whatever learning framework you use we likely have it already in our system available for you to create observations. If we don't, we'll add it for you. Our flexible system can be tailored to your needs.

Built in calendar

Let's say you're taking an observation of a group of children taking part in an activity together. The observations for each of these children will likely be broadly the same. You don't necessarily want to have to create an individual observation for each child. Creating a group observation with Learning Journals is simple - and if you want to you can go back and personalise each child's observation further.

Manage absences and sickness

As you create observations with Learning Journals you are automatically building up a picture of development and progress. You can call on this to help you make informed decisions about an individual child or group of children.

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