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Introducing Learning Journals - Finance. With this innovative new product, you'll have everything you need to streamline your invoicing, credit control, and financial reporting all in one place.

Designed with ease of use in mind, Learning Journals - Finance is the perfect solution for busy nursery managers who need to stay on top of their finances. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, you'll be able to create and send invoices in just a few clicks, track payments and outstanding balances, and generate reports with ease.

Say goodbye to the headache of manually tracking finances and chasing down payments - LJ Finance makes it easy to keep your nursery's finances in check. With comprehensive credit control tools, you'll be able to track overdue payments and send reminders to clients with outstanding balances, all without breaking a sweat.

LJ Finance is the perfect solution for managing the financial side of your business. With its user-friendly interface and powerful management tools, you'll be able to stay on top of your finances and focus on what really matters - providing the best possible care for the children in your care.

And the best part? LJ Finance is included in your Learning Journals subscription, at no additional cost!

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Get a better view of your finances

Our simple to use system allows you to see at a glance how much money is owed to you

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Simply send invoices

All you want to do is let parents know how much they owe - LJ Finance allows you to simply send out invoices and track payments so that you always know how much is outstanding.

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Forecasting and reporting

Future powerful forecasting and reporting tools will allow you to see where there are gaps in your schedule and help you to prioritise your waiting list

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Our products are packed with features and benefits, here are just some of them.

Integrates with Learning Journals

All your Learning Journals parent data is displayed in LJ Finance, so you don't need to start all over. Once you add in child schedules in the Plans page you will then be able to use the new Register feature to keep track of attendance and ad-hoc additional sessions.


Your 'at a glance' dashboard

See how much money you are owed, see who owes you money. Your Dashboard will help you keep on top of your credit control. Future reporting functions will allow you to see forecasts at a a glance or decide where to allocate resources based on room occupancy.


Built in calendar

Let's say you're taking an observation of a group of children taking part in an activity together. The observations for each of these children will likely be broadly the same. You don't necessarily want to have to create an individual observation for each child. Creating a group observation with Learning Journals is simple - and if you want to you can go back and personalise each child's observation further.


Reporting and forecasting

Coming soon are powerful reporting features utilising all the data you have in your LJ Finance account to help you take decisions and shape the financial future of the nursery


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