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How does 5000 parent interactions in 3 months sound?

We’ve been active in Primary schools for quite a while, but over the summer of 2019 we introduced a new feature to Learning Journals that allows children to login to their own account and create their own observations.

This feature has been hugely successful with those schools who have embraced it. What we have been blown away by is the levels of parent engagement we are seeing. Because children are creating their own observations (which are only published once being reviewed by a staff member) their parents have really taken to commenting and liking each post.

So much so that one school has seen their interaction numbers explode to a point where they have now have an average of almost 400 interactions a week, a truly staggering amount!

You can do the same in your school – simply sign up for a free trial or demonstration and see how we can help transform your parent engagement.

Easy for parents

iOS and Android apps mean that parents can have easy access at any time to keep up to date with all amazing learning that is taking place in school.

Whether they are at home, work or on the bus they can have access to all observations and stories created in class.

Bond building

With regular, high quality observations and stories that they have quick and constant access to, parents become to feel more a part of their child's learning. We've seen in many schools how this inclusive feeling leads to a much happier relationship with parents.

Time Saving

It's easy to see how Learning Journals saves huge amounts of staff time - it's one of the main reasons we developed the system for our own nursery school in Edinburgh.

Saving time is not just about taking the tedious job of paper profiling away from the team - it's about them being able to give that time back to the children and use it to create and educate to inspire learning in the children.

Manager View – Stockbridge Nursery

Caroline Munro is the head of Stockbridge Nursery. Here she talks about how Learning Journals has made a huge impact to her nursery, children and parents.

  • How they save so much time and no longer need to take work home
  • How observations are now straight to the point with a clear focus
  • How the system is so quick, so instant

“Parent’s have really engaged….the children are learning at home more now”.

Manager View – Waterfront Nursery

Vicki Shiels is the manager of the Waterfront nursery, a very large childcare provider with hundreds of children in their care every day. With so many children to care for Vicki was very keen to have a system that would help save her time while still allowing her to provide the same high quality service as before.

  • How we save time and money with Learning Journals
  • How children are more involved
  • How even staff uncomfortable with technology find the system easy to use

“It’s much cheaper!”

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Over 5000 comments in 90 days - we've seen it!

Highly engaged parents mean a closer link with the school

Heightened awareness of learning taking place in the class